What We Do

Lillianah Technologies is focused on restoring balance to marine ecosystems which have been disrupted by pollution, fertilizer runoff, and other external forces. Nutrient mixing combined with enhancing the ecology of organisms at the ecosystem level are the two key factors that will enable our success.

Hypoxic dead zones are worsening every year as agricultural practices and an intensified hydrological cycle dominate the flux of nutrients and water into riverine systems. Coastal waters along many continental shelfs are deteriorating as a result. Lillianah's approach will stop and reverse this damage. In short, we partner with nature to solve the problem.

Why is this important?

  • Environmental damage has disrupted marine ecosystems
  • If left unaddressed, these impacted ecosystems will grow and damage will become more permanent
  • Without a plan, the future is bleak

The solution

  • Restore balance & biodiversity in our most fragile marine environments by re-establishing the natural phytoplankton food web


  • Reduced hypoxia
  • Reduced ocean acidification
  • Enhanced removal of carbon from our atmosphere
  • Repopulation of fish, shrimp, crab, and oysters

How We Work

  • Collaboration with relevant regulators and permitting authorities
  • A tailored approach based on site-specific assessments
  • Full suite of testing before, during, and after marine activities


  • The ecology of the marine realm is the study of all living things in the ocean and how they interact with their environmental surroundings
  • An interdisciplinary approach combining biology with physical sciences including chemistry, geology, and oceanography is necessary to best understand our oceans
  • Our oceans have recently endured major change because of an intensified hydrological cycle and expanded agricultural practices
  • A tremendous flux of nutrients have been introduced to coastal waters, which have led to oxygen consumption and to abnormal changes for marine communities
  • This flux of nutrients has caused an unnatural imbalance in local marine ecologies
  • Imbalance has resulted in hypoxia and, ultimately, dead zones characterized by mass kills of fish and other marine life