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ReMoving Ocean carbon
Accelerated by Indie Bio and Airminers

what we do

BRinging Balance to disrupted waters

Lillianah Technologies offers cost-effective carbon removal technology, 50X-100X cheaper than Direct Air Capture when comparing all costs, with a primary focus on addressing carbon in our planet's oceans. Our approach involves cultivating specific diatom varieties in self-manufactured photobioreactors, releasing them into polluted nearshore marine environments. This method competitively advantages our diatoms over harmful algae, rapidly extracting excess nutrients from the water and mitigating ecological issues like hypoxia and dead zones. The sediment generated during this process allows for carbon geological storage, supported by scientific literature.

We also contribute to restoring marine ecosystem balance disrupted by pollution and runoff, addressing worsening dead zones caused by upstream human activities, hydrological changes, and a warming planet. Lillianah's nature-based solution addresses these problems while simultaneously providing environmental benefits. In short, we partner with nature to solve the problem.


Revitalizing Fisheries

Combating overfishing by boosting fish populations


eliminating Dead Zones

Reversing the course of decades of runoff and hypoxia



Working with relevant local, state, and federal entities at every step


PROVEN science

SIMPLE, Powerful technologies
Native plankton

Flourishing Local Ecology

Locally sourced ecologies to return waters to their natural state: clean, fresh, and abundant

Flourishing fish

Balance-Centric Nutrification

Agricultural runoff has created nutrient imbalances; we restore these waters to revive oxygen concentrations so organisms can thrive

Building on Decades of Research

bringing TOGETHER multiple disciplines


Ocean research

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From WHOI: Biogeochemistry is a relatively new scientific discipline that explores the physical, chemical, biological, and geological processes and reactions that govern the composition of and changes to the natural environment.